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Hotel guest satisfaction thesis

hotel guest satisfaction thesis

Consumer satisfaction-Croatia-Case studies; Consumers-Croatia-Attitudes. Online survey softwares such as QuestionPro have proven to be effective tools to constantly keep track of customer experiences and make serious amend on the basis of each of the received responses. Asking visitors face-to-face may not yield truthful results but sending a survey which they can choose to answer anonymously can yield the best possible results. Reputation management plays an integral role in managing resorts and hotels.

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Please take a moment to rate our services. Answers to these questions will help them evaluate the dos and don'ts of their business along with offering them a platform to create a list of changes they could impose in their operational system. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Using a provided digital camera, participating guests were asked to photograph whatever caught their eye to illustrate the hotel as university of pitt college essay being meaningful. Additionally, this study explored factors promoting guest loyalty with the purpose of proposing a method to assist hotels in identifying attributes increasing customer loyalty. Abstract, common perception by practitioners in the hotel industry today that a satisfied guest would become a repeat customer was considered as a major subject of this research. Hospitality is a highly competitive field where new hotels and resorts are launched every single day and each one of them wishes to be successful. Resort Hotel Survey Template offers customizable questions about customer satisfaction with various aspect of the hotel or resort such as front desk service, room service, room quality and size, resort restaurant or lounge and overall experience with the resort. While most of the visitors may read reviews on online websites such as TripAdvisors or Make My Trip, their visit experience has to be gathered either via surveys, polls, questionnaire or face-to-face as a small dent in the resorts reputation can cause humongous losses.

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